Email Notification - Mass Email Address Update


Hi all,

I’ve just had to go through all of one of our clients landing pages and update the email notification field one by one. It’s not the first time this task has been done for clients, probably 3rd or 4th at least. I’d really like to have somewhere that I can provide a Master email address for delivery of lead notifications on a per client basis. 

Can’t we stick that somewhere in the client config area with a tick box to say all lead notifications get sent to this address as default, then when adding email integration if its left blank it just goes there. 

Just a thought, it’s annoying to go through a load of pages then hunt for one that didn’t save or something. 


As a marketing agency I have the same issue. It would be great to change all landing pages email address notification at once.


Yep this would be an excellent addition.


Great idea, Stuart! I’ll see if we can get someone from our Product team to chime in here directly. Hang tight!


Hi All! 

Stuart - thank you for highlighting this pain point, and I agree your idea to be able to manage email addresses for lead notifications across multiple pages is great! Today we are currently working on re-implementing lead based integrations and have plans to make improvements just like this and overall management of integrations across all pages. With that said, we do not have a timeline identified today for these improvements. 

I would like to ask that if anyone in the community would like to see changes or improvements to how lead integrations are setup or managed please feel free to chime in here. 

Thank you,


Hi Meagan,

Can we also get the function to resend individual leads to the integrations/email notifications too? Only get that option atm if the lp recognises it as a fail, I’d like to have the chance to resend some whenever I need or perhaps all between a certain date range.




Hi All
Like Stuart, I have to go over our 150+ pages to update the Email notification section. Our notifications are sent directly to our sales team and there are a lot of mutations happening there. I will have to change the email addresses one more time. It will really be great if you can find a way to manage this like the Tracking Code in Script manager instead.
Thanks in advance.