Email Me New Leads - Integration Error


A week ago I received some notifications saying that the email notifications for new leads aren’t firing successfully. I was just one lead, so I didn’t give it any importance. Today, I woke up with two notifications, and I really don’t know what they mean. The logs says:

And the second:

bad URI(is not URI?):

| ![Unbounce-logo-white](<a href= “Link http//appunbouncecom/email_images/unbounce-logo-whitepng”)"; /> |

| ![Newlead-icon](<a href= “Link http//appunbouncecom/email_images/newlead-iconpng”)"; width=“150” />

New Lead


A new lead has been captured from your Unbounce page!


Landing Page Details

Page Name

Submitted Form Data


["](<a href= “Link http//appunbouncecom/pages/3328965e-0f37-42f3-a593-6374c4570722”); class=“link”>Click here to access your page details on Unbounce



The Unbounce Team

Toll Free 1-888-515-9161

[](mailto:<a href=)" class=“link”>

["](<a href=); class=“link”>

; |

Any solution? 


Hi Federico,

From a quick look the error message says that the string contains null byte, which basically means one or all of the fields have been left empty.

Do you have any mandatory fields, my initial guess would be that someone has clicked submit with an empty form or for some reason any data they entered is not being passed from the form and therefore it looks empty to the system. 

Is email address set to be required or something that is needed for the unbounce system to successfully fire an email.

As for your second one I’m not sure, are you using any webhooks or custom urls to send data too, the bad uri might be a hint, although it might also be a red herring, I’m just trying to get an idea of your setup so I could make a better educated guess.

Hope that helps a little in tracking down the problem, sorry I couldn’t be definite but it’s where I would start looking. 




Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your help, but none of the listed things are my case. I have a few required fields, and I just checked the submission details and the person completed every field.

And about the second one, I do not use any webhooks or custom urls, I just email the leads to my client. I really don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been using Unbounce for a whole year with the same features and it just started failing last week.

Thank you again for your concern!



Hi Frederico, 
It looks like this might be specific to your account, or possibly a bug. I’m going to have my customer success team reach out to you directly to dig into this one. 
Hang tight and look out for an email!


Ok, I’ll wait. Thank you so much!


No worries was worth checking, good to see your safely in the hands of Justin and the tech guys. I’m sure they will get it sorted. Be interested to know the outcome.

Best of luck


Thanks for your help here, Stuart! :) 


No worries Justin, like to take a stab at these kind off things, all part of learning


Just wanted to give a quick update:
It looks like this was directly related to a bug that we ran into last week, which caused integration errors to be thrown on a small number of pages. Things appear to be fixed now, so crisis averted!


Awesome news.