Email landing page at homepage


Hello! Just created a landing page and my goal is that every time somebody visits my website the first thing they see is the landing page with the email form that I created. The goal is that every user type in their email before they see the website’s content.
How can I do that please?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Patricia - sorry for the delayed reply! As landing pages are supposed to increase your conversion rate, the best practice is to drive traffic to your landing pages separate from your website. As our co-founder and creative director Oli Gardner notes “If you’re driving traffic through your website, there can be anything from 1-100+ pages in the middle part of the funnel, making it very tough to uncover where the fall out is occurring.”

We’d recommend driving a segment of traffic to your landing pages and upon form submit they could be redirected to your website to learn more. Hope that helps Patricia!