Email in lightbox doesn't work


I spent an hour trying to discover why the email action didn’t work in my lightbox.

Such as text or a button with the action -

I finally discovered that links in lightboxes work for URLs just fine, but not for launching an email on my iPhone. The desktop seemed okay.

Maybe this has something to do with my iPhone settings. I might be able to research this and find an answer, but it’s not my phone I care about, it’s the visitors.

For now, I’m not putting any email links in lightboxes.

Actually, I’m about ready to stop using lightboxes totally. I have some that take 10 seconds to load, so basically useless.


The email in the lightbox is really not working as I once tried to get the printout of some documents from the email and I have opened it on the lightbox access. When I was trying to print, it showed me Epson printer error code e-01 and I was unable to do anything.


Hi Ed,

This should work just fine in a lightbox. Are you sure you’re configuring the email link correctly as shown below?


Thanks for your reply

When I first tried this, I was using a “mailto” syntax as the action for text, which doesn’t have an Action Type option. And it did not work on the iPhone.

Then, when I tried a button for comparison, I probably forgot to specify the action type for the button.

Either way - I’m going to shift away from lightboxes due to performance issues.


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