Email Capture overlay for video


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of an easy solution to add an email capture overlay to view a video? I’ve been looking at various options and Wistia was a main one but they won’t work with Act-on in the way we use it. 


Hey Stefan! 

This is an interesting question. Would you happen to have an example of a landing page that’s currently implementing this? I’d love to take a look at the final product. 


Hi Justin,

Here’s an example of how we’re using it outside of this. When someone hovers over the video we’re adding an email capture. It only displays to individuals that aren’t logged into an account. We built the overlay itself but I’m trying to become more self-reliant and not tap our tech team.



Hey Stefan, 
After some research, it looks like you _should _be able to use Vidyard with their ActOn integration to achieve this.

Would anyone in the Community from Vidyard be able to confirm if this would work?


Hey! Ji here from Vidyard. There is absolutely a solution that can work here using our calls to action functionality. You could style and embed your own Act-On form into one of our pop-out CTAs and/or have it displayed at the end of the video using a final CTA.