Editing template images


Is there a way to access and edit the images that are part of a template? I only see a way to add my own new images.


Hi there,

At this point they are not loaded into your library - just the page when you use a template.

If you have specific images you would like, we can send you a Photoshop PSD or individual graphic files.

Email support@unbounce.com to request any images you need.



Just an update, the ability to find and use all the images in our templates from the image browser will be coming out in the next week or so…


Has it come out?


Not just yet Tove. We have developed a shared asset library (as Carter mentioned above) but are working out some of the kinks. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the progress we make.


Hello everyone,
This has been a long time coming and we’re finally ready to announce it: Unbounce now allows you to access a library of over 200 graphics including new icons, badges, and arrows, as well as all existing assets from our templates. Some of you will have already seen this, as it’s been live for a while now.

In addition to accessing image assets, we’ve also improved the speed of the image library, as well as adding some more capabilities with renaming images, sorting them, and filtering with search.

Read more about what’s new in our “Unblog” post over here…

As always, we love feedback! Are we missing some key graphics that you wish you had access to?