[EBOOK] SaaS Marketer? Nah—You’re an Air Traffic Controller

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I’m Ashley, part of the Marketing Campaign Strategy here at Unbounce! When I’m not cooking up TOFU campaigns and focusing on content distribution, you can find me hanging out with all the dogs around our office.

From one marketer to another, all of us know we should be “optimizing all the time.” But we also know that it can be pretty tough to know where to start when it comes to making your landing pages convert better. Just how do you optimize your pages for the perfect landing?? :flight_arrival:

Well, who better to ask than CRO aficionado—and past CTAConf speaker—Talia Wolf!

We teamed up with Talia and ActiveCampaign to bring you a new ebook that launched today—How to Optimize Your SaaS Landing Pages. (Ooh, aah.) :star_struck:

You’ll be able to optimize your landing pages like an air traffic controller guiding a plane full of potential customers down an airstrip. Y’know, smooth as butter.

The Optimization Guide Every Bold Marketer Deserves

You can steal Talia’s secrets and make any underperforming landing page a high-converting one using her nuggets of conversion optimization wisdom.

Check it out and follow Talia’s step-by-step checklist to get more leads signing up for your webinars, more prospects downloading your ebooks, more visitors trying your free trials, and more customers upgrading to paid plans. (I mean, you can never have too much of a good thing, right?)

Get the Guide

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Enjoy, and happy reading!



Yes!!! Thanks Ashley, this is so so so helpful!!


Thank you so much @AshleyLuk !
I’m really looking forward reading it ! :smiley:


Woo hoo—glad to hear, @amalik !
Hope you find the guide helpful! :grin:


I’ll let you know :wink: