Easier text editing with multiple layers


Hey there!

Maybe I am thinking to complicated but I have the following situation:

There’s a box element that consists of images, buttons, background elements and text.

To make it clickable I moved the button on top of it all and the visual elements behind. However if I simply want to edit the text (or other elements) I can’t click on them because of the top element.

So I need to rearrange all the elements, edit the desired one and move them back in the stack.

Is there some keyboard shortcut to make that quicker or is it just the way it is?

See screenshot that should explain what I mean more clearly ;-)!


Hi @SebastianTh,

You can always just hide the button element for a bit, do your editing and enable the element again.



@Hristian That’s why a community like this is helpful.

Although it’s not perfect this workaround will save me time. Thanks!