Easier text editing and aligning...PLEASE!


Hi there!

We’ve recently moved from a different landing page creation platform to Unbounce and we are loving it so far, but there’s one thing that’s getting pretty frustrating, and its a big one: text editing.

Here’s a list of issues we’ve encountered so far:

  1. Line height is not automatically adjusted to fit the size of the text, forcing you to change it everytime you change text size or create a new text box.
    SOLUTION: On every text editor I know, each text size has an ideal line height that is set automatically until you choose to manually change it.

  2. You can’t manually input a custom line height, forcing you to edit the source code to fine tune it.
    SOLUTION: Add a “custom” field to the line height editor.

  3. There’s no way to set a default font for the entire landing page. Every time I create a new text box I need to choose the appropiate font again.
    IMPROVEMENT: Make the fonts most recently used the first ones to show in the drop-down list of fonts, instead of showing me a list beggining with Arial and forcing me to scroll UP and then expand the font family every time I need to use that font again.
    SOLUTION: You should be able to choose default fonts for headers, texts, buttons and other elements for the entire landing page from the “page properties” panel.

  4. There seems to be a conflict between editing the text-box vs. editing the text itself. For example, I create a text box. I type. The text is Arial by default. I select the text box and choose OpenSans. Sometimes it changes to Open Sans, sometimes it just doesn’t change at all. If it doesn’t, I select the text itself and apply Open Sans. Now it changes. Then I decide I want the text a little bigger o bold, select the text box again. The box still says it’s using Arial, although all the text inside is Open Sans. Then I write a second line inside the text box and the line height is all wrong because it’s still using the line height on a different text box I used earlier. I apply a new line height to the entire text-box. Only the first line changes its line height. I have to manually select the text and change it again. But now the text line height and the text box line height don’t match… you get the idea.
    SOLUTION: Let the text box determine only the margins of the text, but not the text style. Or alternatively, any changes to the text-box should overide all properties of the text inside it.

  5. Vertically aligning text… Oh boy, how I’ve suffered with this one! Since the text box doesn’t fit the text inside (it can be higher or smaller than the text itself) and line height is not set automatically to fit the text size, there is no easy way to “align to top” several pieces of text of different sizes, as the only thing that gets aligned is the box, not the text itself.
    SOLUTION: Text box should fit (vertically) the text inside. I shouldn’t be smaller that the text it contains.

  6. Grouping text (or grouping anything, for that matter): I am aware that I can kind of “group” stuff by moving it into a box. But then that stuff’s margins are determined by the size of the box, not their own size, so now I can’t align them to other stuff. So say I have a Header and text I wish to align to another header and text. If I just select all four things and “align to top”, the texts will overlap the headers. But if I put the texts inside boxes, then I can only align the boxes, not the texts.
    SOLUTION: Allow grouping objects.

  7. Drag-click selecting: Again, not a “text editing” thing, but a general need. I just really really wish I was able to select a group of items just by drag-clicking the mouse, rather than individually selecting them by clicking on each one. Many items may be hiding behind other things, or are invisible (boxes) and therefore hard to hit with the pointer.
    SOLUTION: Allow drag-clicking.

So… there. Quite a handful of work for the dev team, but I would save soooo much time to users of the platform!

Hope you like the suggestions!


Hi Marco! Thank you so much for putting so much time and detail into this feedback, it’s extremely valuable to our product team.

Since many of your suggestions are designed for saving time, I’m happy to tell you that that’s one of our biggest themes in prioritizing our projects this quarter (and next quarter, and maybe forever and ever because we know that time is so important to our customers).

I’m going to loop in @Cole_Derochie, one of our product owners here because he’ll be able to speak directly to these points. He manages the team that works on these types of features in the builder so his input will be a lot more accurate than mine.

Thanks again for providing this feedback, it doesn’t go unnoticed here!


Hey @mcanepa, thanks for taking the time to share your pains here. We hear you!

We’ve been working on some larger initiatives like Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) and improvements to page speed, while also trying to make incremental improvements to the building experience (text editing included). We understand there is lots of time to be saved when building out your content.

A number of the things you’ve outlined here are on our list of candidates to address and I’ll be sure to share the others with the team. I cannot commit to any timelines ATM as we are in the midst of planning out our next quarter. I will be sure to loop back as things progress and/or if we have anything we’d like to follow up on.