Easier Integration with Pardot and Unbounce


Hi @Lou,

Thanks for bumping this thread. :pray:

There are a lot of integrations that we would :blue_heart: to offer as a native functionality inside Unbounce!

Keeping up with all 5000+ solutions in the martech landscape today is a tall order, and one that we want to do our best to find solutions for. In order to do so, we went back to the drawing board on how best we can provide a wide number of integrations, while still being able to focus on building out robust 1-1 integrations with a subset of widely used tools.

We will be introducing new integrations powered by Zapier soonπŸ’₯ (while we can’t offer a specific availability date, it’s the next project that our integration team is going to tackle), which will make it super easy to connect, setup and configure Zaps inside Unbounce.

Through Zapier, Unbounce will be able to connect to Pardot, you can check out the Unbounce & Pardot Zap to see what it can do; like add leads as a prospect without manual steps or workarounds! :raised_hands:

Using Zapier to connect Unbounce & Pardot is not necessarily our desired end state for a Pardot Integration, we will continue to evaluate if a direct 1-1 integration with Pardot makes the most sense for Marketers like yourself.

Would love to hear what you think!