Easier Integration with Pardot and Unbounce


Currently the only way to integrate appears to be inserting a Pardot form onto Unbounce. This process is difficult and requires a lot of effort. 

How to use Pardot form handlers on Unbounce
How to use Pardot form handlers on Unbounce

Hi John,

Thank you for reaching out. We are in the process of revamping our integrations this year and this is just the type of feedback we like to hear.

Can you give me a bit more feedback on what you’d like to see in this integration? If others in the community also feel that a Pardot integration would make their lives easier, please chime in and +1 the idea above as well.

As we gain better insight into what will make your life easier I do have some additional information on how to Integrate Unbounce and Pardot. 

Below are some general instructions on how this can be done:


What you’ll be doing is replicating a Pardot form on Unbounce. Those instructions should serve as a guideline. You’ll just want to make sure you match up those fields exactly.


In addition, I also wanted to mention that Pardot have written a quick post on how to add a Pardot form, and their tracking code, to an Unbounce landing page.

Feel free to take a gander here



Hey John, 

I’m a bit late, but heavy Pardot user here! 


Hey Larissa, 
Do you think an easier Pardot integration would be beneficial? If so, let us know with a bit more feedback on what you’d like to see in this integration!


Pro tip for Get Sat: If you add an emoji to your post, it will delete everything that comes after! 

Was trying to say that John is using Forms, but I recommend Form Handlers as Meagan mentioned. 


Larissa, good call on the pro-tip! Was kind of wondering if your comments were getting cut off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, sorry to leave you hanging there! Maybe I should suggest that feature on the Get Satisfaction community ;) 


If you do, I’ll be sure to +1 the ideas as well. haha


We definitely need a better integration with Pardot. The solution of just using Pardot forms on an Unbounce page doesn’t work for me because frankly, Pardot forms are ugly and I have neither the time, expertise, or inclination to mess around with the CSS. 

The form handler option is also cumbersome and time consuming. Ideally, leads generated by an Unbounce page would be automatically added to the correct Pardot list and tagged with a campaign. This would allow me to easily manage incoming leads using automation rules on the Pardot side. 

Please make this happen soon!


I definitely agree that using Pardot forms is not a great option with Unbounce! Have you set up completion actions in your form handlers? You should be able to manage your incoming leads that way, just like you can with forms. 


Great tip. I’m not sure how I missed that. Thanks Larissa!


Great find, Larissa! 


Great find, Larissa! 


We are also heavy Unbounce users (and love it) and are placing our bets that Unbounce will keep evolving to support our expansion plans. We will be implementing Pardot soon - so we’re looking forward to news on an integration. Keep up the great work, Unbounce!


Thanks for the kind words, Roy! Glad to know we have your vote of confidence. Upwards and onwards!


This is not “easier” but I did a ton of work to overcome the issues with Forms/Form Handlers to get the best of all worlds. Here is a detailed description of the steps:



I’d like to get my vote in for this integration as well. I use pardot forms for most of my paid landing page campaigns, but the difficulty for me is registering pardot form completions as completions in unbounce. I do understand that there are workarounds for this and am in the process of setting them up, but an integration would cut down my set up time immensely.


Just bumping this thread to see if there’s been movement on the unbounce side. Would love to see an easier way to use Unbounce and Pardot.


Definitely voting for this


Voting for this as well