[Early Adopters]: Try our New Video Backgrounds Feature!


Update: April 12, 2016
We have now released this as a full feature to  all Unbounce customers. 
Check out the full release post here

One of the hottest design trends on the web right now is the use of video backgrounds , which should come as no surprise since bandwidth speeds are getting faster and web-browsers are becoming more robust. In fact, one of the most active threads in our own Community last year was:

How can I create a YouTube Video Background? … which involved a fancy little javascript workaround that one of our developers put together (big shout out to Johnny!). While the script ended up working pretty well, it seemed to only fuel the demand from customers for us to actually build this into the page builder as a native feature.

I’m happy to announce that thanks to our most recent Shipit Day, our wonderful developer Mark was able to build this as a real, built-in feature that’s ready for beta today. Hooray!

Video backgrounds have been implemented fairly successfully on websites so far, but there is some debate on whether or not they would have a positive or negative effect on a landing page. While the effect might look beautiful, it could prove to be too distracting and might contribute to lower conversion rates.

Like anything else you implement on your page, you’re going to want to test this thoroughly to see what effect (if any) it has on your conversion rates. We recommend running an A/B test and segmenting a small portion of traffic towards the page - just to be safe.

How can I join the beta?
Sound off in the comments below and let us know you want to try it out! If you don’t have an Unbounce account, you can sign up for one here. 


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100% width Google Map

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just curious…is there any data out there about how well these convert?


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Great question, Barry! We don’t have any A/B test data to share (yet), but it’s something we’re working on internally. We’ve used video backgrounds on our CTA Conference page for a while, so I think we’re going to try an alternate version with just a static image to kick us off. 

I would  love  _to get a conversation going around a hypothesis as to whether this will positive/negatively affect conversion rates. Even better would be if our first beta testers could share the results of their own A/B tests. 

What do you think?


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We’ll get them both enabled for you shortly. :wink: