E-mail follow up after the landing page


I need to get the e-mail addresses I get from the landing page into a follow-up system. I will send people a link to download a book. I need to follow up and see if they have downloded it, and if not send them a follow up mail. Perhaps with a landing page #2. Any idea of the best e-mail follow up system. I am already using mail chimp, but the follow up seems a bit complicated. Can I tell from an unbounce landing page #2 if people have seen it and if they have downloaded the book from it?

I can’t be the only one needing this so there is probably a nice streamlined service somewhere :wink:


Hey @PappaBravo MailChimp (MC) is certainly one way to go. I’m not following the issues you are having. What is it that you are finding complicated about MC? You can track anything you want with google.


Hi, and thanks. I guess I will have to look into the MC and figure out what it can do. I am used to only using it for mailing lists, but it is already a help knowing it will be worthwhile looking into it.

What did you mean when you said you could track anything with Google?


You mentioned being able to know how many downloaded the book. You can track every event lick button clicks, etc within analytics not just in Unbounce but MC too, You can track the entire user experience.