Dynamic text vs page duplication - whats possible?


We are an education institution that would like to run a campaign on 4 different courses within the same faculty. The page layout and design will be identical (maybe a hero image change if possible). The question is: Do we make 4 separate landing pages or can/should we use dynamic text replacement to change  title, body copy and form field data?


Thanks for your reflections and tips Finge and Stuart.


Finge and Stuart are spot on, Tafe Digital.  Building off of Stuart’s point, the dynamic text will be invaluable if you can maintain message match from your ads.  Use the headline and subheadline to echo your ad verbiage and reinforce in the visitor’s mind that they are at the right place.  If you can have matching visuals (assuming a display banner or ad with an image) that continuity helps as well.




I think in this case I would opt for making 1 page per course. I would imagine that there will be quite a big difference in terms of content between the courses. Also - if changing hero image and form field data would complicate matters.

Use one course as your template and keep the other courses in mind when doing so. Once you have your first page ready - duplicate that and tailor to the next course :slight_smile:


Hi Tafe,

I agree with Finge. The use of dynamic text is not really for layout or image swaps, although it would be possible to setup a dynamic template that changes based on url parameters and dynamic text its not worth your time for 4 pages.

That’s being said I’d still use dynamic text replacement to keep your ads relevant if your using any ppc or other advertising platforms. Put keywords and search phrases into the page.