Dynamic text URL


Where can I manually set up my URL to add dynamic text parameters? I have tried to edit the URL in the home page dashboard, but when I want to include the “?” character of the formula, it doesn’t let me. 


Hi there. You will need to add the ? to the URL you use in your traffic source, not when defining the URL for the page. 

Example: Your page URL might be http://my.page.com/product/. For your traffic source you use this URL http://my.page.com/product/?text=Car

See full documentation here È


Hello Finge! Thanks for that, but where can I edit the “traffic source” URL? I already read the documentation page you provided, and no where it mentioned where to go to change that URL… ? 

Thanks a lot!


The traffic source is where you add you link to the page. This could be in banner ads, emails or other links.


Ohh ok, so this means that this URL needs to be set up in Adwords and not in unbounce? The documentation doesn’t mention this… 


Yes, exactly


Thanks a LOT! :)