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Is it possible to have variable text on the landing page? I’d like to use unbounce for google adwords campaigns. The adwords system has a scoring that matches the keyword you are buying to the content of the landing page. In PHP I use a variable to change specific words on the page to match the keyword purchases.

This post explains how it works: http://www.davewooding.com/google-adw…

Is anything like this possible on unbounce?

Personalize the dialog confirmation with the firstname?
Personalize the dialog confirmation with the firstname?

Hi Ejovi! We don’t currently have this capability, although this is the kind of thing we’re talking about for a future release!


Won’t this kind of tool tend to make poorly readable (spammy) text?


@michael Not if you craft your copy correctly. And it shouldn’t be used for all keywords nor throughout the entire landing page. It takes careful attention to setup and some monitoring early on to ensure it doesn’t sound spammy, but I’ve had great success with it.

The largest advertisers on Google all use it. Its one of the few ways to scale a large PPC campaign.

How to insert a value from the form into a javascript on the Confirmation dialog?

Hey Ejovi - we definitely want to include this type of functionality in the near future as Carl mentioned. In the meantime you can accomplish the same thing with a little bit of javascript, and a bit of customization on your page (if you’re not afraid to get your hands a little bit dirty!)

I’ve written a simple script that you can find here to get you started. Copy and paste it into the “Scripts” section of your page, and set “Placement” to “Head”:

You’ll notice there are a couple of values that you’ll probably need to change, the first is the URL param that you’ll be looking for (in the script it’s “utm_keyword”). The second is the ID you’re going to give a block of text on the page (it’s “keyword” in the script).

Open the text editor for the block of text you want to manipulate. Now you’ll need to switch to Source view for this (there should be a button called “Source”). Wrap the text that you want to change in a tag like this:

Welcome to our page about \<span id="keyword"\>cars\</span\>

Now the word “cars” will be replaced by whatever value you pass into “utm_keyword” in the URL. I’ve set up a demo page that you can see here:


_ NOTE: This solution may not work for an adwords quality score because the adwords bot won’t actually see the replaced text and will always get the default text (which is “dinosaurs” in my example above)._

Managing / Editing Landing Pages Simultaneously

Thanks. While I was hoping to reduce our expenses by improving the quality score, this is a good start!


Ya we certainly understand the value of keeping your quality score high - I’ve marked this thread to be updated when we get closer to implementing a full solution.


Still no update? Is there any way I can improve my quality score via dynamic keywords on my landing page?


How do I make dynamic landing pages based on the keywords. I want to improve my quality score. I want to be able to change the content and title of my landing pages based on the keywords from search engines.

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Hey Dean, I’m just merging your new post into this existing thread so that we can keep all the feedback in one place. There is still no update on the ability to do dynamic server-side keyword replacement to improve adwords quality score, only the javascript method mentioned earlier in this article. I’ve bumped the issue internally though, so thanks for the reminder.


Hi Dean, see my reply below…


I’m also keen for any server side enhancements here. Increasing quality score saves me money :slight_smile:


Any updates on this. We need it, too.


Is anyone but me experiencing buggy behavior with this method?

Some of my tags get replaced and some do not. I can’t see any difference in the code between the blocks that do and do not get replaced.

I agree, it would be much better to have a solution that would not adversely affect the quality score. I guess if this doesn’t work, then I need to create landing pages for each keyword…yikes!


Hey guys,
We haven’t forgotten about this feature (the server-side solution that is), but unfortunately we don’t have any update to provide on an ETA yet. Part of it requires some changes to the way we host our published pages which is already under way.

We are working on expanding our development team here which should help us approach these types of features quicker. I’ll make sure the issue continues to work its way up the queue.

Thanks for your patience,


Thanks for the update Carter. Would be really really good to get this feature.

At the moment it limits my use of unbounce to just trialling certain landing page features. The majority of our landing pages have been moved onto php so we have server side dynamic text.


I can totally understand that Tim. I’ve bumped the priority of the actual ticket itself that we have for this issue.


I second that thanks for the update.

We’re really wanting this functionality to incorporate ubounce in our systems in a way it will nicely with the rest of our efforts.


Just want to make sure you guys all hit that +1 “Me Too” button at the top of this thread… it helps us prioritize when it comes down to it. Thanks!


I need this as well in my campaigns. Would be an awesome feature. Until then I just have to use plain HTML pages, but would love to use Unbounce more. Thanks