Dynamic Text Replacement Issue - Overlapping With Other Text On Page


I’m not sure how to solve this issue with dynamic text replacement.

I’m using Dynamic Text Replacement in the headline of one of my landing pages.

If the keyword that’s injected is more than 3 words then the headline expands and becomes two lines.

When the headline becomes two lines, it turns into the text block below it. Thus resulting in an overlap of text and a really strange looking experience.

Is there anyway to dynamically push the text block down when a headline expands line? I’m essentially trying to prevent my text blocks from running into each other.



Hi @john_p,

I can’t say for sure without looking at the live page but you would have to either:

  1. Increase the width of your headline to accommodate the extra words

  2. Move the text block below the headline further down permenantly

Alternatively, you can try writing some JS that would decrease the headline font if DTR is used.

Moving the text block below the headline is not something I would recommend do to the way Unbounce landing pages are loaded.