Dynamic Text Replacement and Google bots


I have used (and plan to use again) Unbounce with Dynamic Text Replacement in an effort to streamline landing page creation and increase AdWords LP Quality Score.

However, I’m not sure that Adwords bots see DTR text when they crawl the page.

In this post, an Unbounce Expert claims that AdWords bots crawl their website with parameters. However, when I filter my Google Analytics traffic for bots from Google, I see that they only visit naked URLs. Normal ad clickers land with full query strings.

This configuration wouldn’t work, as obviously, the AW bot would see the page without any keyword insertion.

I use the account level tracking template to add query parameters to my AW URLs. I suspect this might be the problem. When Unbounce says they see Google bots visiting with parameters, how do they implement this? Through tracking templates? Directly into the Final URL field in the ad? Some other method?