Dynamic text - CTA is not working anymore


we use dynamic text quiete often on our landing pages. During the last weeks we often got the feedback that the actual conversion was not possible.

Now I was able to reproduce this error on my computer. When the URL to the landing page contains “?” plus URL parameter the CTA had no functionality anymore. Even error messages did not appear…

Is there an easy solution to this problem? We want to use dynamic text and we need a quick solution.

Best regards


I realized it has something to do with the URL encoding…

For example my name “Bjšrn” as a URL parameter it gets to “Bj%F6rn” - now the whole landing page is kind of blocked… The “Bj%F6rn” is not inserted as a dynamic text and the CTA is not working anymore.

Is there a solution for this issue?



The disfunction is cased by the “%” in the URL. Does anybody has a solution for this problem. I need to send out the campaign today and my time is running…


Hi Bjšrn,

Sorry for the delay! We’re digging into this on our end so hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon. Mark from our Technical Team will be reaching out to you directly via the support ticket, but when we find an answer, we’ll be sure to post it here as well.

Thanks for your patience with this one!


Hi everyone Ð I just wanted to give an update on this.

The issue actually lies in pre-filling form fields from URL parameters (http://support.unbounce.com/entries/3…), not dynamic text replacement itself.

Our development team have taken a look at it and identified a bug that’ll need fixing. We’re confident that we can get it fixed, but it does require a product level update, so a fix should be coming in the next few weeks (possibly sooner).

Please let us know if you have any questions on this.