Dynamic Splash pages Management Tool



Have a question whether it’s possible using unbounce. My requirement is to have dynamic splash page management tool. To explain in details, for our site which has got different sub domains like ABC, 123, XYZ, etc., if one of the sub domain fails, we wanted to put a splash page to that specific sub domain when it fails so that the customers can browse to other domains within the site. And also, during a campaign day for a particular sub domain, is it possible to dynamically control the splash page? 

Looking forward for the answers!

Vikram Shankar


Hi Vikram, 

Welcome to the Unbounce community. 

To answer your two questions:

**1.) **If I understand correctly, you have various subdomains (abc.mydomain.com, 123.mydomain.com, etc.) and you want to be able to display a page if one of those domains fails to load?

It will check if your subdomain is live and if not it will redirect to an Unbounce page?

It is possible in theory but you’ll need a script to do it on your subdomain(s). After that, it is a matter of telling the script if the check fails load myunbouncesplashpage.mydomain.com or mydomain.com/myunbouncesplashpage.

Of course, it all depends on what you mean by “sub domain fails”.

2.) “is it possible to dynamically control the splash page” - What do you mean by dynamically controlling the splash page? 

Unbounce allows you to use dynamic text replacement based on URL parameters. 

If you give us a bit more details, we might be able to point you in the right direction. 



Hi Hristian,

Probably I chose the wrong word. We have a site www.thisismysite.com for example and we have different section in this site like shop, Apps, Networks, accounts, etc., and these sections are not with different domains, they will be from the parent domain (www.thisismysite.com/shop

So my question is, let’s say one of the sub section shop becomes unresponsive because of a backend failure, we wanted to put a splash page to our customers who access this sub section shop. Likewise for other sections. 

Also, during a campaign, we could have more traffic to let’s say shop section, so we wanted to dynamically control the splash pages based on the situation like ‘at the moment we are doing really busy’ or ’ we are nearly fixing our problem and will be back in a while’ kind of splash screens. 

I hope I explained a bit clearer :slight_smile:



Hi Vikram, 

Thank you for the clarification. 

I think, your best route is to invest in a really solid hosting solution that would save you a lot of trouble. 

However, if you still want to use a backup splash page as you initially indicated, here is a detailed description on how you might go about doing it: Failover Solution (you can skip to step 3 since you won’t be copying your site but rather just redirecting to an Unbounce page). 

There are probably ready-made solutions that would be a bit easier to set up and you can Google for them. 

As far as the “dynamic splash page” you can use a bit of javascript to read the status of the original page and display messages based on pre-set conditions.