Dynamic Pricing


Hi, right now i’m just using unbounce as a lead generation tool. However i’m looking to integrate pricing and the ability for prospects to purchase my service via my unbounce site (rather then just for lead gen).

I’m selling 3 different services, and each service has different prices. And the price is determined based on what the user selects in the form.

The price is based on the package they choose Ð Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. It is also based on the career level they have chosen Ð e.g. entry level/student, professional, and executive.

So if they purchased gold combined with entry level the price would be different to when they purchase gold combined with professional.

The checkout page will not be on the same page they are entering their information (name, address, email, phone number, career level (e.g. entry, pro, executive), and package (gold, platinum, and diamond).

The price/checkout page will be on the next page with a checkout/order now button, so they can purchase the service straight away. However the checkout/price page needs to contain information from the previous page, plus determine/calculate the price based on the career level and package chosen.

I’m looking for any solutions which will allow me to do this?

Short question would be - i need a form which dynamically calculates the price based on the fields the user selects, and then provides the ability to checkout.



Hey Chris - this makes a lot of sense but is currently beyond the scope of what Unbounce’s forms can support. It sounds to me like you’d need to dynamically select a URL based on the parameters your visitors select in your form.

Given that you have 3 packages, and 3 career levels, it’s the combo of package/career level that decides the checkout URL they’d need to hit (of which there would be 9 possibilities).

If you built 9 separate checkout pages, and your form could know which of the 9 to send your customers to based on the form variables, that would do the trick.

You may want to double check of WuFoo supports this kind of functionality because if they do, you could easily embed a WuFoo form on your landing page to get this done.


Thanks Ryan,

Going to checkout WuFoo



The best one IMHO is www.JotForm.com

Great logic built-in to the platform.