Dynamic Number Insertion In Get Rooster Exit Overlays?


Hello Unbouncers,

As many of you, I have been playing with Get Rooster and its exit overlays.  

On many landing pages I utilize Call Rail dynamic phone numbers for better tracking and would love to see it be congruent on the exit overlays.  So my question is two fold:

  1. How can we use the dynamic number insertion javascript code on the Get Rooster exit overlays?

  2. How can we ensure that the dynamic number displayed matches the dynamic number that is displayed on the landing page?

Excited to see what workarounds you can come up with and as always, thank you for your help, effort and time!

Warmest regards,



Hey Joe, 

  1. Have you tried placing the javascript code with your overlay?

  1. As far as the numbers matching, I haven’t used Call Rail so not really sure how they handle displaying the numbers. 


Hello Hristian,

Thank you for the guidance!  I have not tried it yet, but will give it a go.  My gut reaction is that the number inserted will not match the number on the landing page.  While having the numbers match would great, it may be a non-issue to viewers anyways.  

Thanks again,