Dynamic Keywords from Adwords. Is it working?


Hello, guys.

Well, I’m trying DKI on Unbounce for the first time and I must say that the Help articles are not very clear, so I’m having some doubts.

Please give me an hand on this so I can be sure it works:

So, I want this highlighted part of my page ("SERVI‚OS DE …) to change according to what people search on Google and the Ad they click.

I set the URL parameter as “artes”, so this is the URL i’m using as destination of my ad on adwords:

And this is how I configured the Ad:

Is it well done? Will it work as I want for a real visitor?

this is how it shows up when i click the ad on the Adwords Editor environment:

Please explain me how I do it properly, it is a very important campaign and need to work this way.

Thanks for everything.


It seems to be working when you substitute the {KeyWord} for an actual word like “Hello”. For example: http://marketing.eureca.com/artes-graficas-design/?artes=Hello

Your AdWords set up looks correct as well, so I don’t see any reason that it won’t work when the ads are live. 

Good luck!


Hey there!
Just wanted to echo Andrew’s points above. Judging from the screenshots, everything looks like it’s set up 100% correct, so your ads should be passing the variables over to your landing pages just fine. :) 

Also wanted to pass over a virtual high-five for jumping into the world of Dynamic Text Replacement. Relevancy and message match are super important factors in PPC marketing, and many of our users have found that DTR can increase your conversion rate substantially. I would love for you to chime back in once your testing is done and share your results with the Community. :) 


Great answer Andrew!

Some members of our community can get confused about whether Unbounce and AdWords’ displays the exact search term, or the keyword. To avoid any confusion, I wanted to chime in and hopefully clarify a couple of things.

Dynamic Text Replacement can work wonders for marketers. 

You can create relevant marketing experiences from search, to ad, to landing page by delivering your prospective customers the exact message they want, all the way through your funnel.
You can use it with Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Google AdWords or Bing, to target multiple audiences, and to personalize thank you pages. 

But…one thing I want to stress is: w** hen you use AdWords’ or Bing’s DKI feature and add the {keyword} tag to your ads Ñ it’s going to pass in your keyword(s) that were triggered by the user’s search query, not the exact search term.**

Hope that helps!

I’d love to hear how other marketers are using Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement. Do any members of the community have any interesting stories to share?



I wantt to keep the lettercase as at apear on my adwords account, is there any way to do it?
For Example: I have one ad group that i use only capitals and another adgroup that i used capitals only on the first letter.
Is there  away to keep it excatly the way i worte it?