Dynamic Keyword Insertion & Unbounce?!? [Implemented]



Is there any way to do dynamic keyword insertion or image keyword insertion into unbounce pages?

Here’s what I’m talking about, specifically:


The above uses .php. Here’s another way to possibly do it, using JS:


Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections)
Managing / Editing Landing Pages Simultaneously

This page is also helpful:


It says that either I need to be using .php files or modify the .htaccess file to allow dki on the page. Since using .php seems to be impossible with unbounce, is there a way to modify .htaccess to accomodate?


Hey Peter,
We don’t currently allow any server-side processing of URL params for excluding or including content, but you can try using some javascript to accomplish what you’re looking for. I wrote a little script for another Get Satisfaction thread here - it might help with the text replacement, but wouldn’t help much with the image replacement (without some major re-working).

We do plan on providing better support for this kind of stuff to make it easier and quicker for PPC advertisers to throw up dynamic pages. Sorry I don’t have a better solution at the moment.



Thanks Carter!


Carter, is there more support for ppl who are PPC advertisers using Unbounce since 9 mths ago?


Unfortunately nothing concrete yet, Clement. We are in the process of growing our development team in order to accommodate the many feature requests that our customers have… this included.


This would be awesome. Can we vote on features we would like to see? If so this get’s my vote.


Yes + 1 vote for this feature


Hey guys, to vote for something just hit the “+1” button at the top of this page (in the original post.) That helps us prioritize things… although we are already pretty aware of how sought after this feature is…


Just an update that we have a related thread over here to keep tabs on as this conversation progresses:


This is high up on our priorities this year.


This doesn’t work.


Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we are well underway with this feature. Some of the development has already been pushed out under the covers. Looking forward to updating you all when the feature is ready to use!


Hey everyone Ñ we are ready to start beta testing a feature for dynamically inserting text into your published landing pages for PPC campaigns. I’ve posted a video walking through how the feature works over in another Get Satisfaction post here so please check it out!


Hi guys !
this dynamic feature is awesome.

one question about the initial topic of this thread :

One visitor types in Google a search query, and this query matches a keyword i’ve bid on in Adwords. How to insert this matched keyword in my unbounce page ?

i’ve tried the following :

1)in the unbounce page, i set a dynamic text with parameter named "keyword"
2) in adwords’ destination URL, i add this :

actually it’s hard to test and see if it works, do u think it should work ?


actually a tutorial on that would be great…


Hi Ad - you’ll want to have your destination URL as:

That will populate the AdWords keyword as a parameter that Unbounce can grab for Dynamic Text Replacement.


Hi Ad!

I thought’d I chime in and also mention we have a helpful demo that we hosted that talks all about using Keyword Insertion and Dynamic Text Replacement in Unbounce! Feel free to watch it at your leisure here:


Hope that helps!


Hey Everyone!

I’m delighted to inform you we’ve officially launched Dynamic text! This feature is available for our $99/month plans or higher. Check out our Dynamic text support guide for how to get started using this feature.


Hope you all enjoy it! As for now this feature only works with text, but we plan to eventually progress to include dynamic images in the future.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback. We’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

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