Dynamic Image Replacement?


We have a problem where we run tests over several months and our product image changes monthly/weekly (magazine covers). Conversion rates are affected because an updated cover is important to making the sale…especially with the weekly magazines. Visitors expect to see the most up-to-date cover, because the purchase is usually made on a whim.

It would be great if we could use some kind of placeholder that is connected to a special “folder” in Unbounce images bank in a way that we could upload once and it would automatically overwrite the image on all landing pages that are connected to that folder.

At one time I just put a URL to an offsite server in the image src tag within a custom html area, but when I went to edit it recently, I now get an error that says that HTML is no longer valid.

That’s fine…if you don’t want us retrieving images from other servers, but we need some kind of ability to switch out the images over several pages at once with one upload to your image folder bank instead of going through each page and updating it accordingly. Having to do this for more than 3 pages is a huge time suck.

If I’m missing something here, please enlighten. :slight_smile:

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