Dynamic Content/Destination URLs


I am looking for a solution that would allow me to change the hero image, destination URL (where a user is sent after coming to the LP), and brand name (in copy and headlines) in my landing pages from one central place that could be pushed to several landing pages at once.

Right now I have many landing pages that regularly require me to manually change out all of the product images, destination URLs, and brand names multiple times that use virtually the same template.

For example if I have 10 pages that all use the name PRODUCT A in the copy and headlines, and they send users to domain.com/product-a, I have to go in to all 10 pages and manually swap out all links and the copy to PRODUCT B and domain.com/product-b.

I was thinking this could happen by having some sort of token/call on the LPs (e.g. where the brand name would usually be in the copy for example) and then use something like a central spreadsheet or JSON file to update these components in one place.

Has this been done before? Or would you know anyone with the capability to do this who would like to take this on as a paid project?


Assuming this hasn’t been addressed yet? I could see this being useful when managing multiple pages with monthly promotions.