Duplicating - Feature Request


I have a long landing page with several different sections of similar content. I use the duplicate feature to create new section that I’d like to have similar formatting. When I click duplicate, it puts the newly duplicated section at the bottom of the page. Since my page is pretty long, dragging it back up to the area it’d like it place it is tedious, and clicking the move up button requires me to scroll up to see if my new section has been moved into place.

I’d suggest that a duplicated section appears directly below the original section -or- when clicking move up, that page scrolls with the new section.



Hey Matt, so sorry we hadn’t gotten back to you sooner. Honestly, after watching your awesome video (thanks for taking the time!) I dug in to make sure we hadn’t re-introduced a bug, as this is an issue we had fixed as part of our recent editor updates! Long story short, this has to be a bug specific to your page, as normally a duplicated section now *does* appear immediately below the section being duplicated. I’ll log this as an issue, though, as I’m sure others have encountered it too!