Duplicate Field Values


The webhook I am passing my form data to has two required fields - PropertyCity and MailingCity. They can be different values but in the case of my ubounce form they are the same. If I capture PropertyCity how can I copy that value over to MailingCity for the Webhook?


Hi Chris, 

There are a few ways to go about this but here is a quick one:

Add a hidden field for your MailingCity.

Insert the following script:

&nbsp; <br />$("#property_city").change(function(){<br />&nbsp; $("#mailing_city").val($("#property_city").val())<br />});<br />

It will copy whatever a lead types into the visible “Property City”. 

After that just push it through your webhook. 


P.S. If the exact field names differ, you have to adjust them in the little script above. 


worked great - thanks