Duplicate/Copy sections from one variant to another [Implemented]



Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to change my landing pages often during the design stage and when doing so it is very difficult to update all the variants.

I’d love to have a way to copy sections from one landing page to its variants.

Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections)

I would like the ability to copy/paste page sections from one landing page to another.

This saves me huges amount of time because I don _t have to do the same design over and over.

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Be able to copy/paste page sections from one landing page to another..




+1 also


nine months since the official answer (no ETA yet)…

do we have an ETA yet? how far are you along?

would make an excellent product even better.

thanks for all your time and dedication guys and gals (@unbounce)


I agree with Florian. This functionality would make life so much easier. Since landing page split testing can involve so much duplication of elements among pages, having a ‘library’ of page sections’ that can easily be added to any page or varient would just make Unbounce a clear winner amongst many other similar LP products.


Not only copy /paste, but also update elements across multiple variants (i.e prices) by changing this elements “parent” inside a “library”.

adobe flash has a library of that kind.
unbounce should too.


Great ideas in this thread.

This looks like a big development but it’s great for the people who have lot’s of landing pages.

This would make life so much easier.


Any updates on this?


Hi there,

Is there any update to this - it would make page creation much easier and effective.

Thanks in advance.



This is so necessary. Similar to balsamiq!


Agreed Jess! We’re big fans of balsamiq.


I can’t vote for this enough. This would revolutionise the way I build landing pages in UB.

By the way the guys at UB do a great job and releasing and maintaining and updating Saas apps is bloody hard work so full kudos to everything you gusys do.

Keep up the great work.


Here here! Definitely want this feature.




Hey guys, thanks for all the support for this feature! I can assure you it’s at the top of our roadmap (our marketing team wants it just as badly), we are just laying some architecture groundwork before we can tackle it.


I could really use this feature as well.


guys, this is really essential. when will you implement this feature?


Hey Lukas - we’re on it. We’re building shared scripts between pages first but shared content is also top of our list. We’ve got 4 big features we’re actively developing and if you’re interested, you can check them out in this update.


I can’t really understand why shared scripts would be more important than duplicating content among pages / variants since UB basic is to create content. As you say it’s frustrating to see some featured discussed for over 3 years which seem so standard in my book. Quite frustrated today as I am facing a big section I need to add to another page and I simply can’t unless I screenshot it…