Duplicate Content if I transfer our landingpage?


Hi there,

I want to know, if there is a problem, when we rebuild an existing page in unbounce with regard to duplicate content or google ranking? We want to use the exiting URL as well, so google could assess in a negative way? Do we have to do anything for this issue?

Thx and regards


Hey Sebastian!

This little check mark should help you (in the page properties tab).


Hey Stefano,

thx. But I think this is not exactly what I am looking for because the page
should be displayed at the search engines but should not be rated negative
because of duplicate content.

We have this page already in a cms system and it does not rank very good.
So we want to transfer it to unbounce, build it new there but want to use
the same URL.

Any recommendations?

Thx a lot


Hey Sebastian - I am not an SEO expert, but I feel if you only one page that is live you should be fine.

If you’re using Wordpress, you can use the Unbounce plugin to retain your URL. If you need a hand getting this to work feel free to let me know!


You will not have any problem, rebuild a post is a very usual practice in the seo world, iterate your post with small improvements on each iteration.

You launch a post of 700 words and 2 images then you extend the post to 1200 words add new secction images, graphics and videos. then with a new iteration you get more and more improvements until you are in the firts page (of course this is just an example)