DTR Testing - Need a little help


Hi All,

I had set up DKI in Adwords with DTR in unbounce a long time ago and while doing some updating I determined that DTR wasn’t working right in unbounce.

I think I figured it out but wanted some feedback to confirm before I run through all my campaigns updating.

Here are the details:

Landing page URL: http://help.suffolklawgroup.com/criminal-law/
DTR in unbounce parameter: CriminalLaw
Adwords DKI: {KeyWord:Criminal Lawyer}
Used title case

URL in Adwords:

When I copy and paste that URL I see this:

URL I use to test: help.suffolklawgroup.com/criminal-law?CriminalLaw=+Criminal+Lawyer

What I see when testing with above URL:

I’m assuming that the Adwords URL only works when live, the above way is the only way that I could get it to appear to be working. I needed the “+” signs to format properly, otherwise there was no spacing and capitalization was not right either.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.



Hi Chad,

This is actually expected behaviour for DTR. The plus signs are needed to create spaces in the URI (%20 will also decode to a space when passing a URL parameter to text).

The DKI URL (help.suffolklawgroup.com/criminal-law?CriminalLaw={KeyWord:+Criminal+Lawyer}) won’t work as intended unless you are clicking through on the ad itself. Adword uses the curly bracket notation to insert the keyword as the value for the URL parameter. The “+Criminal+Lawyer” in the curly brackets denotes the default value if no keyword is passed through.

So if someone clicks the ad in a Google search and no keyword is passed through Adwords will generate the same URL you are testing with: help.suffolklawgroup.com/criminal-law?CriminalLaw=+Criminal+Lawyer

If a keyword is passed through the URL would look like:

The capitalization is determined by the formatting of the default in the DKI URL (Criminal+Lawyer would equal capital case, criminal+lawyer would be lower case, ect…). But you can also force this in the DTR settings within the page builder.

Hope this helps explain things! Although you already seem to have a pretty good handle on it :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob,

I couldn’t resist this weekend and clicked one my search ads. I had to know for sure if it’s working properly, low CPC very profitable campaign, so I was willing to bite the bullet to find out.

Adwords DKI worked perfectly replacing the text in the ad when I searched using one of my KWs that was not the default value and so did DTR on my unbounce page. All looks good, thanks for the info.