DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) and Facebook Ads

Really need some help here. I want to dynamically change landing pages to match text in ads I run on facebook. I don’t mind building the URLs manually, does ANYONE know how to do this??

(similar to a tool like www.if-so.com )

It’s driving me nuts…

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I don’t think you can have Unbounce read the actual Facebook ad copy and grab specific text from it. The nature of Dynamic Text Replacement is that Unbounce reads the actual URL, looking for a parameter/code/token that you program in the Page Builder and THAT is what’s used to customize the text on your lander.

This might help: https://www.terminusapp.com/blog/how-use-utm-codes-track-your-facebook-ads/

What you do is build a UTM Parameter (parameter is same as token, just fancy nerdy words that mean the same thing). Create your FB ad with UTM parameter of your choice, and remember that parameter. This is what you will paste into the Unbounce page builder under ‘dynamic text replacement’. You can find tons of YouTube videos showing where exactly you click inside the Unbounce page builder…

…sounds technical but very easy to do once you do your very first DTR :grinning: If it sounds too hard and outside your comfort zone, you should still try it and order a large hawaiian pizza all to yourself to celebrate once you get it to work :pizza: