Dropdown menu

Hi guys! I’m trying to create a dropdown menu - I have tried all of the posted answers on this site but none of them seem to work. Could anyone provide a way of doing this? :slight_smile: Thanks!

I will use the dropdown menu to allow users to switch to a different language (and direct to a new page)

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi @Leanne_Berkley, can you show us an example of what you are looking for?


Yes sure :slight_smile: Just a button, that when clicks opens a menu where the user can click a link to go to another page. e.g. 37 41

Why don’t you use this ?

Look: [Tips & Scripts] Mobile Hamburger Navigation Menu

Otherwise you can just code your own button, but it will take you way more time:


Thank you! Managed to get it to work :slight_smile: wooo

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