Drop in traffic seen on Google Analytics



We recently added a Unbounce Popup on our site. But since we have done that… our google analytics shows a huge drop in traffic. We did not change any setting in our google analytics account nor have we have changed anything on our site other than adding the Unbounce Popup. Any reasons/thoughts… why would this happen?

Thanks !!


Hey there,

Hmm, that is strange indeed. I don’t see how adding an Unbounce Convertible would have any impact on your traffic. Are you sure nothing else has changed in terms of your marketing efforts? Are we talking about a drop in organic traffic, paid traffic, or what exactly?

If you can share some more info about your campaigns, maybe it’ll spark some ideas as to what could be happening.


Hey @rshinde,
We’d like to look into this a little further. Have you reached out to our support team yet? If not, let me know and I can help create a support ticket.
Cheers. :slight_smile: