Drop down menu query


I need to show a set of options in a drop down menu 2, depending on what the user chose in drop down 1. Specifically, I have car brands in dropdown menu 1 and models in dropdown menu 2. I want to show only the models according to the selected brand in drop down menu 1. Any hints on how can I do this?


Hey Oscar,

It sounds like what you’re looking for is a conditional form. Unbounce forms don’t have this ability built in.
I’d recommend checking out a third party form provider such as Wufoo or Formstack. Using one of those services, you can set up a list of rules, such as “If user picks, A, then display option B, C, & D”.

Once you’ve created the form, you can copy the embed code provided, and paste it into a Custom HTML widget on your Unbounce landing page.
If you hit any speed bumps setting that up, please reach out to support@unbounce.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Aside from that, there is also this thread, which includes some interesting workarounds and custom scripts Unbounce users have come up with regarding conditional forms. If you’re comfortable with Javascript, there might be a solution in there for you.
As that thread is under consideration by our Product team as a feature to add into the application natively, it would be awesome if you could add your voice to the conversation. By clicking like on that thread, it adds more urgency and helps our Product team to triage new feature ideas. :)