Downloading leads from only specific groups or pages


It would be great if the option was available to download leads only from specific groups or pages. As of now, you can either download ALL of your leads or individual groups - but you cannot choose only specific ones to download.


you can download IN EACH page the related leads.


Hello Ryan,

Pleasure to make your e-acquaintance!  It sounds like you might be struggling to filter out the leads you actually want from the form fills? Have you tried up setting up notifications for each form fill?  That way you can deal with each lead on a one-by-one basis and ignore the ones that aren’t qualified.  In regards to download all of the leads from a pre-set group, I have not heard of that capability.  Interesting idea and I hope that you can find a solution that works for you.  Feel free to provide more context if someone does not answer this question for you soon :slight_smile:




Hi Ryan, 

Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to go ahead and loop this into our Reporting & Analytics 2.0 thread, since this ties in closely to what we’re looking to tackle next.