Download file on 'Thank you' page from custom link


Hey everyone. First of all, sorry for opening a new subject, I found things that are similar but not quite what I’m looking for. 

I’m trying to create a ‘Thank you’ page that will be similar to those “Your download will start in few seconds…” messages. The download MUST start from my own link, from an outside page and I want to be able to start the download automatically without user being forced to click the link in description. I’ve managed to write a Javascript code to start the download link after submiting the form, but the ‘Thank you’ page wasn’t displayed with that case.

I really need both of those - Thank you page and automatically download from outside link - because I don’t want to lose conversion data for my campaign. 

If anyone knows how to do it or the Javascript code, I’d be really greatfull. 

Thank you!


Thanks! All the answers have been really helpfull! :slight_smile:


Hi Marko, 

Just a quick question: Do you need a “Thank You” page or a “Thank You” popup

Since you’ve mentioned a “Thank You” page in your question, I don’t see why there would be a problem. 

On your landing page you set the action for the form to “Go to URL” and direct successful form submissions to a separate “Thank You” page. There you place your javascript and it all should work fine. 

However, if you are referring to a “Thank You” popup, then your script must be conflicting with the form’s functionality. In order to troubleshoot it we need to see the page or alternatively, you can email Unbounce support. 


P.S. If you are using a “Thank You” popup make sure you place your javascript on the popup and not on the main landing page. You need it to load with the popup and not with the page itself. 


Hello Hristian.

Thank you for your reply. I actually need that default confirmation dialog, that should be ‘Thank you’ pop-up. Sorry for the confusement, I didn’t consider the difference between those. 

Anyway, I want that pop-up confirmation where I’ll write something like “Thank you. Your download will start in few seconds” and when the person reads it, after few seconds the download should start. 

The most important thing is that I need to monitor my conversions so that stat shouldn’t be skipped by going to external page instead of confirmation dialog. 

Do you know the javascript code for this? 

Thanks again for your time and patience!





Hi Marko,

I just set up a quick test and all seems to be working on my end. 

You can take a look here.
Just click the button and you’ll see the Thank You popup plus the automatic download will be triggered. 

I used the script from this thread

  • Make sure you have jquery on. 
  • The script is loaded “before body end tag”

If you still can’t get it to work, we’ll need to see the page to try to troubleshoot it for you.



Hey again Hristian.

I think your example doesn’t work either. Or maybe it’s the problem on my end, but I tried with three different browsers and the download just isn’t starting. I’m getting pop-up window and that’s it, nothing happens after. Used the script you provided and settings you warned me about. 

How should I show you my page other than giving you preview? If you can access the source with your admin rights, that’s okay with me. It’s just a test account where I’m learning to use Unbounce and created page is also just an example. Here’s the link:

Thank you again for your help!


Hi Marko, 

Just a quick note first: I’m an independent consultant and I’m not employed by Unbounce. Therefore, I don’t have any special access to people’s pages. 

Now on to your problem…

I just tried the link you’ve provided and everything seems to be working fine up to a point.

When I submit the form, the automatic download fires away and it tries to download the file. 

However, your server seems to refuse the serving of the file. 

Also, it might be better to offer a PDF file instead of a .zip. 

Check your server settings or just use a free Dropbox account to serve the file. 

Last but not least, if your browser doesn’t try to download the file at all, it must be a setting on your computer/browsers preventing it from doing so.




sorry for my confusement with your position.

The link I used in a script is an test download link from a internet page made to try download speeds, I haven’t used my own link because I still don’t have it. However, if the file will download I don’t think it matters what format it is. 

If it works for you, then I’ll figure what’s wrong with my browser preferences. Thank you so much for your help and have a nice day!



No problem Marko. 

Just from a conversion and security point, the format of the file does matter.

  • Zip files require an extra step/software to open.  
  • Pretty hard to open on a mobile phone
  • Security wise opening a zip file from an unknown source is not recommended