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Can we PLEASE get the download file functionality OUTSIDE of the form confirmation page?

We don’t provide our leads “digital content” downloads until after they have clicked a link in their email that takes them back to a funnel page.

1 - This ensures only real leads get the content
2 - it helps inbox metrics
3 - it shows us the lead has intent to engage
4 - it allows us to monetize the lead further on page and/or start them into a new or extended funnel.

Please - don’t offer advice to put a “form” on the page. They already went through a funnel and email interaction to get their content.

Please - don’t offer “dropbox” or other file sharing/CDN options. Yes - we know how to leverage these.

The goal here is simplicity and continuity of both workflow and aesthetics. The functionaly we need already exists at unbounce, but it is locked to form confirmation pages. That really makes no sense.

Also- please save the “but then people will use this as a file sharing platform” … No they won’t.