Download and redirect on submit!


You should be able to do two actions at once on submit – trigger download AND go to another URL. Seems so basic to make people take steps and click. Lots of friction.


Hi there - this actually isn’t something we’ve had suggested before, to my knowledge, but I’ve passed it along to our product team.

Though you can utilize different things to simulate two actions from one form submission, by default HTML forms can’t have more than one action. Also, sometimes modern browsers don’t like it when a download triggers from an action it’s not expecting. Again, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but those two factors would have contributed to the way the form submit/download functionality was set-up initially.

One thing that would be a bit easier to set up is to have the download trigger once the thank-you page loads–it would be a slightly different user experience, but would be a bit smoother from the back end. Would that work for you?