Download all leads from all campaigns on 1 csv


The more landing pages I create, the more tiresome it becomes having to routinely go into each page and download the .csv of leads, could it be possible to download 1 ‘mast list’ of all leads from all campaigns?


We post them and/or send them to external programs. That way we have full control of the information gathered from multiple campaigns in one spot. There is a sample php app on here that shows how to do it. The email sends are easy in mailchimp and aweber though.


So is there a way to download a master .csv file of everything?


Hey guys, sorry this thread never got an update from us. There’s still no way to download all leads in one CSV at the moment, but we are currently working on an API and this is one of the main features that we’ll be releasing in version 1. We’ll keep you posted as that becomes available.


P.S. We still do want to have this be a feature within the app, but we’re currently focusing mostly on multi-user and agency features. This feature will follow afterwards.


I agree this would be an extremely helpful tool as like Jon I too find the work involved in downloading data from each campaign very laborious! I look forward to a fix soon.