Double Opt In Mail with Unbounce


we here in Germany must comply with the DSGVO (RGPD). This means that each user who gives his name and e-mail, for example in exchange for a white paper, must receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link. Only after clicking on this link should he or she receive the whitepaper.

My question: Is there any other way than the integration of Mailchimp to solve this problem? Does Unbounce itself have corresponding functions?

Thanks a lot

Hi @diko,

Since Unbounce doesn’t send out emails to your leads, you’ll have to handle this with your preferred email marketing platform (ex. MailChimp).

You can set up MailChimp to send out the double-opt-in email by default to any email subscribers to a particular email list or an audience as MailChimp calls now lists.


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Hi, Hristian,
thank you for your answer.

We are currently using the solution with Mailchimp. Unfortunately we are very unhappy with it.

Is there possibly other software that can be used for this purpose?

Greetings Dirk

Pretty much any email marketing software offers this so it really comes down to finding a software that you are happy with.

Of course, there are probably 100 email marketing companies out there so start by picking one that works for your particular use case.

After that you can use Zapier to shuttle leads data from Unbounce to it.

Personally, I use ActiveCampaign and have been very happy with it. They offer double opt-in features. Here’s an article for how to set it up without a form:



I’m gonna go check out ActiveCampaign. My problem with Mailchimp: you can’t make the e-mail look reasonable. So we lose quite a lot of leads, because they do not click the confirmation link…

Regards Dirk