Don't show popup based on URL parameter


We run an ecommerce catalog with a LOT of parts (over 800k). I have a series of popups configured for our “list pages” (pages that show certain groups of products) to help guide a user to an application that will help make their shopping decision easier.

I’d like to make sure that the popup shows on all of the list pages that I have triggered in the rules, but does NOT show on each and every product pages. Our product pages are all tagged with a parameter ?pid=

I’d like to be able to add a “Do Not Show” rule based on this URL parameter, but I understand this feature does not yet exist today.

I’m sure this feature can be used for many more scenarios as well (campaign source targeting, etc.)

Right now, my only options are to extremely annoy people on every product page they look at, or only show it once (which means they will get the reminder on one part, but not the others in that category)

If someone has another workaround idea, I’m all ears! I tried looking around the community posts, I’m surprised this hasn’t come up yet.


Hi @kirstenbarrera,

Thanks for reaching out. I believe what you’re looking for can already be achieved using the “don’t show” and “URLs that contain” options e.g.

This option isn’t specific to URL parameters but accomplishes the same behaviour. Let me know if you’ve any further questions.