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Since I cannot have a page titled on unbounce, I have a page titled Is there way on unbounce I can redirect from to


As of now, I don’t believe Oli and his team have that ability in Unbounce yet.

However, depending on your domain registrar, you may be able to do a domain forward from itself to that URL. Otherwise, you’ll need to look into creating a 301 redirect on your website’s hosting via a .htaccess file.


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Bob has it right. Currently you need to include a path ("/something") in your Unbounce custom domain.

We have been hearing from a few of our customers that the ability to be able to use the root domain without a path ("") is something they would really appreciate. Sorry if the current situation is frustrating for you.

We are currently looking for the best solution to this and will post any updates on this thread.


Seems like I am stuck. Since I have changed the cname to be redirected to unbounce, my hosting provider hostgator says i cannot do anything there to redirect from to which is the current address at unbounce. A bit frustrating - any way it can be solved?


So - I totally forgot that when you did a domain record change, there was no physical (virtual in this case, but residing somewhere) way to do the .htaccess redirect. My apologies tenfold. I’m scheduling a call w/ Jason today and will be sure to bounce ideas off of him. Again - sorry about the misinformation.


Hello folks - due to popular demand we have increased the priority of this issue. I can’t give you a timeframe right now, but I can tell you that a solution is in our development queue.

I will update this thread as things move along.


Great job!


Link is broken


Hello there - happy to announce that Unbounce now features the ability to use an Unbounce landing page as the root of your custom domain. We just released this today, so any questions or feedback are very welcome.

Instructions for how to use this feature can be found on our FAQ, here:…