Domain: Enabling SSL


I am trying to configure my domain but it has said Enabling SSL for over 24 hours. Can anyone help me?


Hi Dean! :wave:

Typically, SSL enabling doesn’t take very long at all - an hour or two in most cases. However we’ve been seeing a huge volume of SSL requests lately, and our current SSL solution allows us to request only a set number of certificates per minute.

This means that there’s a bit of a queue right now. Our devs are on the scene doing their best to minimize the wait for customers, as well as investigating a more long-term solution for things.

You can keep an eye on this via, but rest assured that your domain will have SSL provisioned - just a little slower than we normally see. In the meantime your domain will be functioning normally over the http protocol, and the domains page in Unbounce will show ‘Working and Secure’ once SSL provisioning is complete.

I hope this helps, Dean!


Around how long do you think it takes?


We’re currently waiting to hear back from our Third Party provider that supports SSL, who is investigating the issue on their end. As of right now, we don’t have an ETA from them. I’d be happy to send you a direct message when we hear anything. Does that sound okay?


Is this still an ongoing problem?
Is there a way to verify our domain(s) are actually in the queue, or if there is some other problem?


Looks like there has been a fix for the SSL provisioning. Have a look at the status here!