Does unbounce work with Google Adsense?


Does Google Adsense work on unbounce hosted pages? It’s my experience that when the actual URL of a page is not displayed, Google Adsense shows charity ads. That is what is happening to me now. When the URL for my published page is, Adsense reverts to charty ads.

Does anyone have any suggestions for implementing Adsense?


Hi Bruce,
Could you clarify what you mean exactly when you say “The URL of a page is not displayed”?

Also, do you have a custom domain set up so that it’s on your own domain rather than the domain?

On a side note, using AdSense on a landing page goes against the principal goal of a landing page - to have a singular focus and only one call to action. By placing ads on your page you are creating more pathways for them to leave your page…

Regardless, I’d love to hear more about what your ultimate goal is for this page so that we can assist you better.




Thanks for your fast response. I have set up “” to point to “” (with no “www” before the unbounce. I did it last night with and it has still not shown up with my site. I changed the CName but nothing else. Can you tell me if I have made an error?

Once this is working we can see if Adsense works, and I would also be delighted to talk about the goals of the site, and ask your advice.

Best regards,



Hi Bruce, it looks like your CNAME is properly set up but Unbounce is just taking a while to see the new settings (the reason for this is because the Unbounce app tried to look up your domain when you first added it and it wasn’t working so it cached that failed result. It takes a while to refresh the cache and try again, whereas I was able to instantly see it was working because I had never cached that failed result yet… )

At any rate, go ahead and build/publish your page accordingly as the rest of the public should be able to see the domain as well.



Thanks Carter. Can you tell me what the URL for the page I create will be? Let’s say my current page is and my custom domain is what will be the URL for the page when it’s all working?


Hi Bruce,
If you currently have a published page at “” you can just ask us to unpublish it for you at which point you can change the URL to use your new custom domain. So it could become or just if you wanted.

The ability for you to change the URL of a published page is just around the corner, but for now if you send us an email to we’ll be happy to unpublish it so that you can change the URL.



With the custom domain, Ad\sense works great!!


Great, happy to hear it!


BTW, I do agree with Oli on his side note. I’m curious to know why anyone would put AdSense on a landing page? Is it because it is also the homepage?