Does unbounce support animated .gifs?


does unbounce support animated .gifs?


Yes we do!


Ok. Awesome. I do see that. But I just attempted to upload an animated .gif and it’s having trouble loading in Chrome and Safari. Anything I should begin with the troubleshoot this?


Hey Michael! Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble. GIFs should load in Chrome and Safari. This will take some investigating. Check your email! I’ve opened up a support ticket for you so we can take a closer look.


Just make sure you put the .gif at the end of the image. I had the same issue and this resolved it.


Thanks for the tip Jimmylee, I’m sure it’ll help out our community members!


Same problem here. Loading forever…


Hey Jean-Luc - I’m going to start you a support ticket so I can investigate further. You should see a email from support shortly.


I was able to get the .gifs to upload but the loading was very very long. So i decided to not use the .gifs.


Hey everyone! It seems that a few of our customers have had some problems uploading gifs.

Rest assured, there shouldn’t be any reason that would prevent you from doing so. That being said, if any other community members are having trouble please contact our Customer Success team at We’ll be sure to help!

Thanks everyone!