Does Unbounce offer templates with carousels/slides?


Carousels/slides are very popular in design now. I don’t see any Unbounce templates with them. Does Unbounce offer templates with carousel/slides? Thanks.


Hi Soozy - we don’t have any templates that have carousels or image sliders built in. The main reason for this is that they tend to hurt your conversion rate. There are exceptions to every rule, but the consensus (here are a couple of sources: 1, 2, 3) is that they’re going to do more harm than good, so we purposely don’t include any templates that have them, as they are a popular design choice (so people are drawn to them), but almost universally end up being a poor choice from a conversion perspective.

Unbounce is flexible enough to let you use 3rd party javascript (and a few other tricks) to add one to your page if you’re dead set on it though. And another customer of ours, Jen Gordon, has actually put together a bit of a tutorial on that here. I would definitely recommend A/B testing a slider vs. a regular static hero image if you do create a slider yourself though.


Hey guys. This isn’t working for me. Is it working for anyone else, or has a new way to add an image carousel been developed?




(1) I get an error message in the CSS
(2) In the Preview I get a white bar at the top with text “/ For Stylesheets Section // Lean Slider // For Javascript Section // Lean Slider (placement: Head)”
(3) In the HTML box I get:
"// HTML Code //
[broken image icon]
[broken image icon]
image-slider-code.txt Open with TextEdit"


Question - How would sliders like that hurt conversion rates? I don’t understand that concept, can you elaborate a bit more? @Quinn_Omori


Hey Carlos - the Conversion XL article I posted earlier gets into some of the reasoning behind why sliders typically lower conversion rates. I think the more important thing to focus on (that Conversional XL also sums up pretty well) is that in tests sliders just don’t perform very well from a conversion rate perspective.


Hi Quinn,

I totally agree with the basic concept that the motion of image sliders can distract from your main message or your call to action, and that you should not use carousel sliders to display multiple messages, especially for PPC campaigns (my testing experience has shown those to fail as well). But if the motion itself is an argument as to why you should not use them, why do you offer video backgrounds?

I would really like to see a solution that offers the background image as a cover/carousel combo. So far my 3rd-party implementations have not worked (and the Jen Gordon site doesn’t appear to be live anymore).