Does Unbounce integrate in any way with Marketo


I believe all I’ll have to do is add the Munchkin tracking script to the bottom of all my landing pages.

Here’s an example of the script:

Does anything else need to be done?


Hi Peter - thanks for your message!

Unfortunately we do not currently have a direct integration with Marketo. However, if you are using Marketo as a tracking resource for your page via HTML, you would definitely be able to include their tracking code to your Unbounce landing pages so that Marketo will still be able to track the traffic for that page. To do so, simply use the ‘Scripts’ tool from the toolbar of the Page Editor, and enter the tracking script there.

Make sure to save your changes and republish the page after you have added this code.

I hope this method helps!

Jacquelyn M
Unbounce Customer Success


Could I request that you add Marketo integration like you’ve added Aweber integration?



HUGE Community of users!


According to this… you do. Is it only for the code tracking and not to send leads?



Hi Ariel - the current integration lets you add Marketo’s tracking to your Unbounce landing pages. If you’re looking to send leads from Unbounce into Marketo, you currently have two options.

You can either embed Marketo’s form on your page or you can create a custom integration using our form WebHook.

We’re in the process of evaluating our upcoming round of integration development so I’ll be sure to bring your +1 for Marketo back to the team.


This is an important integration. Any ETA on this? This functionality will literally dictate wether or not we use Unbounce going forward. I would rather not have to use the Webhook method if possible.


Hey James - we’re actually in the process of chatting with Marketo about an integration but sometimes these kinds of relationships depend on more than just API access (there can be a lot of paperwork that goes with it…). I wish I could provide an ETA for you but all I can say is that Marketo is very high on our priority list and we’d love to do an integration with them as soon as possible. I promise to keep this thread updated when I have any further news.

We’re currently listed in Marketo’s Launchpoint and while you’ll definitely hear any news from us, you can also keep your eyes on that listing for updates.



I was just wondering if there were any recent updates on this integration?



Hi Ziv - Unfortunately not. We aren’t actively working on a Marketo integration and are instead focusing on building some of our most requested app features including SSL, dynamic content replacement, shared content between pages and are also researching a solution for responsive page design.


Very important integration – Marketo has a much larger audience than many of the currrent native partners.


It does now!

Courtesy of Hoosh Marketing: Integrating Unbounce and Marketo


Awesome stuff, Fab!

One thing I’d mention is that using Javascript to rewrite your form fields can result in some extra columns in your View Leads section (this won’t interrupt any functionality, you’ll just see both the original form field name and the rewritten one) and can also interfere with the field mapping on our built in integrations, so if you are using any of those, you won’t want to add this to the same page.


SSL ! dynamic content replacement !! shared content between pages !!! responsive page design !!! … you can’t imagine how much I would love to get all of those features right now - unbounce go go go :slight_smile:


Haha thanks Aleksandar, appreciate your encouragement!


I got to to work using itduzzit intergration - it’s not free, but it woks!


We’ve officially released our  Marketo Integration  to the public, so if you’re on a  PRO99  plan or up, you can take advantage of this integration  right now!  Head here to learn more.