Does mobile design gets shown automatically to mobile users?


It is possible I am missing the setup for this. When I create a variant using one of the mobile templates, does it know to automatically show that variant to mobile users? … or do I have to specify in the variant that it is for mobile users?


Hi Amir

The mobile templates do not automatically get shown to mobile users. However, this can be done by adding a mobile detect+redirect script to your page. This script will detect the platform (mobile or desktop) the visitor is using and direct them to the proper page.

In order to use this setup you will be need to create a new page with it’s own url to hold the mobile page rather than having it as a variant. Variants should only be used for AB testing rather than to hold a mobile variation of your desktop page.

Take a look at the forum post below for the script (see the first post):…

You can skip over the initial text and down into “Want to show device specific templates?” as mobile templates are now automatically enabled for all users.