Does I use Unbounce to create a contest landing page


Did you guys use Unbounce to create this contest landing page?


Yes indeed. It’s a custom design created using our “blank” template (essentially from scratch) but yes it is 100% Unbounce.

We have a viral social media contest template waiting in the wings to be released, which has this type of functionality - should be public shortly.


Now Oli i am fully sold on testing out Unbounce especially now that I am launching my new site design in a couple of days.

So you used Unbounce for all these?


Yup. Those designs aren’t available as templates as they’re our own branded design, but you could easily construct the same thing.

There are some good pointers in this section of our knowledge base about adding social media widgets (such as the Twitter @Anywhere apps, follow buttons and Facebook like boxes):…


After creating the landing pages for the contest, how did you spread the word out about it? What strategies worked best?


Depends on your network really.

We tweeted about it and shared on our Facebook fan page - which hits up people who have social media accounts - which is what you need for a socially viral page to work correctly (people can’t share it if they don’t have social media accounts).

Then I’d also send it to our customer base via an email blast to see if they wanted to enter the contest.

After that, it all comes down to network effects. If the offer is attractive and relevant to your audience and your network is nicely targeted then people will enter the contest and share it with their networks as part of the entry process - which is where the viral aspect comes in.

At the end of the day though, engagement only comes as a factor of how valuable the prize is.

A good technique is to tell people (on the page) that they can enter once per day - which brings them back and gets your message spread consistently over the term of your contest - extending your reach.